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Future Speak

Wisdom is the best meds to swallow.  Learn until you drop. Hindsight is the greatest.  I hit a snag recently and it was for the best. I feel clean.  I feel fresh.  Ready to attack the beast with mad energy.  Hung out in the city last night. The heat was paranoid but union square is my place. I recorded lots of video poetry using NYC as my backdrop.  I gotta be more prolific.  I gotta burn burn burn.  Google plus social network got me addicted.  I am always there posting and reading and just staring at the UI.  Google did good.  Giving FB a run for their money.  FB is running scared.  Diaspora is watching the drama with a geek’s eye.  In the end nobody wins.  It’s just data swirling in the digital wind.  I just want to use that mad interweb to spread my art.  The digital kingpins can duel to the death for all I care.

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