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The Answer to Ugly Online

Do we divulge too much info about ourselves online? Now Google wants us to give them our real names in order for us to use their brand new social network. What’s the deal here? Is this about the psychotic vitriol that is spewed online by faceless spineless people slithering behind their monitors or is it about cash money?

I am an artist so I do want my work attributed to me that is my real name whenever I post it to the interwebs. On the other hand I would like to be able to hang out online using an avatar and whatever handle I want for this virtual body. I should be able to be female or alien or brick in cyberspace. Why should my every move on the interwebs be monitored by faceless overseers? I think this is about the mapping of everybody for some bullshit identification system. It sucks. I would rather hang out in the back alleys of the Internet rather than give up my freedom just to traverse a social network that wants to crawl up inside of me. I left facebook a long time ago with no regrets and no withdrawal symptoms. Freedom created the Internet now business wants to imprison it? Hackers will have to crash it for the business people to realize that the net was not built for them but for humans to use and play and connect and help each other. We know that there are sick ones who hate everything and use the net to amplify their madness. So the rest of us should pay for their madness by getting bar coded in the matrix? Filters can solve that problem. You don’t want to read the vitriol in youtube comments? There is a filter for that. Geeks better step up and write smarter applications. People who use the net needs to get used to the idea of being smarter online. We need to know that everything is not always beautiful and shiny in the digital world. Ugly in the physical is the same in the virtual.

Wake up as the band Rage against the Machine screamed. Wake the hell up. The answer to ugly online is not the revealing of my every move online. Why should some random stranger be able to just pick me out in times square from my Google profile? Why the big push towards the end of anonymity? The net will fail if this downward spiral web 3.0 version gets initialize. And chaos will forever blaze from the darknet.



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