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Tiling Linux

Gotta say that Archlinux is running real sweet on my machine.  Real happy that I finally installed it after a long time of procrastination.  It is the distro for the one who wants to control everything.  In my case I have gotten more productive.  I installed my first tiling windows manager i3 and am loving it. Cli goodness rocking my world.  But seriously I needed that new interface to get more things done.  It’s mad cool to be working in one grid and running IRC in another and mpg123 in yet another.  This definitely gonna be my Arch UI for a long time.  I know my Sabayon desktop is begging for it.  There are a lot of tiling wm’s for Linux including scrotwm, xmonad, ratpoison and many more.  Give them a try for a different perspective on the UI. 


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