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There’s a new bodega on our block. A minute away from me. They sell the proverbial like any other bodega. Gives me more time to geek out in the crib maybe or spend more quid on the sweet cravings. Guilty pleasures they consume half of us and torture the other stronger half. As usual Linux is consuming me. Archlinux reveals something everyday. Now am tackling a troubling time and date issue. Whenever I reboot the date and time changes. I use the date command to correct that but I need a permanent solution. So far my google sniffing has yielded countless solutions but my problem persists. It’s real weird how firefox tells me some trusted site certificates are suspicious when the computer time and date has changed on reboot. All is well as soon as I fix the date. I can noe access the sites with sans certificate problems. Eventually I will fix it opensource style. On a much more troubling note I see that the authorities are getting more draconian with the #occupy movement. Why can’t they meet the masses at least half way? They must have a lot of contempt for us. It’s the only explanation. We are not seen as worthy enough of their attention. They are too busy controlling everything. Which is a fallacy in itself because control has already been lost. Control is an entity. Unstoppable. Once it was set in motion there was nothing that we humans could do to turn back the clock. Not even the most powerful people on earth can deny that psychotic control. You ask any hateful fear mongering system brainwashed person about their contempt for basic human rights of the individual and they will watch you speechless. Ask the cop who pepper sprayed the peaceful protesters at UC Davis and he will say he was following orders. Who knows who ordered him and who ordered that person and so on ad nauseum. No one knows. Scary but true. Control has taken on a life of its own. Welcome to our nightmare.


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