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Into the Void


Guess 2012 arrived before we could blink.  But now is the time to wash your face and face forward.  Guess politics will be the agenda in America.  It’s becoming less and less important to the rest of the globe who holds the key to the white house.  Empire has been replaced by corporation.  Who can bet against the Facebook or google or apple behemoths?  They own the keys to the social financial tech klout kingdom.  We are the tin cans on the shelves.  You are free to roll of when you want but there will come a time  when we won’t even have that option.  Maybe time will end on the 21st and no one will be the wiser.  I started my year on a netflix binge.  School is out and there are thousands of movies to parse.  A lot of netflix clones itching for the big score.  A lot of em didn’t give a shit about the customer before netflix changed the game.  Personally I hope netflix survives the onslaught.  I hope Sopa eats black holes and supernovas. Please leave our internets the hell alone. 2012 either we plunge into the void or get caught up in enlightenment. 


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