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Starting the day free

Starting the day with free.?? It's always now and I have nothing to lose.?? I want to win that half a billion jackpot and disappear.?? Truth is there is no escape from now.?? Learn to hack the now. This is the geek age and everything is possible.?? Starting the day with this mindset.?? Making the day my chariot.?? Will let it out at dusk or it might infect temptress night.?? She needs to keep her hoodie as she navigates babylon.?? We might get gunned for that simple freedom. Imagine that??? The demons always finds a way to infect everything we take for granted.?? They shoot you because you don't?? smell right.?? And the law exonerates them.?? This is enlightenment??? This is a sham.?? This is slavery.?? It never disappeared.?? They lied and we keep lying to our selves.


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