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Megamillion Feverish

Megamillion fever burned fiendish yesterday.?? We played and lost half a billion dollars. It wasn't your money in the first place.?? Somewhere in Maryland someone's karma spunned the diamond wheel.?? Back to the drawing board for the rest of us to try to die richer.?? The invention of currency changed everything but it's actually an illusion.?? We have decided that this piece of paper has value and a specific value at that.?? Tomorrow we could change that and the paper becomes useless.?? Some countries are even close to eliminating paper money altogether.?? On the extreme contrary the country of Zimbabwe has printed a billion dollar bill.?? A billion useless dollars.?? Well money makes us mad. We kill for it.?? It solves a hundred problems and creates a thousand.?? Is this trade off rational??? Would you accept a million dollars that makes you retire early but turns you into a hopeless junkie? Or sacrifice your children to bernie madoff?

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