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The sun is getting to that mystic shine that I love.?? Makes me feel eternal and finite at the same time.?? Must be a birth feeling.?? Terror and beauty coupling.?? Well I hope to catch every sliver of the good light.?? It goes way too fast.?? And people love to hex it with their complains about the heat.?? Stay naked in your crib and let tropical children frolick.?? Well I might be working for the summer.?? Same gig extended.?? Need that scrilla like the bow needs its arrow.?? Scrilla buys happiness when you mad broke.?? I need to club more.?? Friday whetted my appetite.?? Websters hall was banging. Loved the dubstep upper deck. The crowd was virile and hungry.?? I was mostly a tree but the power was in me.?? Dubstep captures the youth essence.?? They rushed in and exhaled. Their energy infectious.?? I gotta dig it all now more than ever.?? Rabid days of our lives.


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