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Mothers day. May the bliss fall like quail on motherhood. I hugged her early.?? Touch feels better than roses.?? Touch was the first awakening.?? Kept creating even after philosophy failed.?? We might invade a diner but it will be crowded and mom is introverted.?? Something will give like take out. Adapt improvise hack your existence with diy epiphanies.?? We were given this to enhance it sans regret and with cascading hindsight.?? Meanwhile last class for now. Was my best class this semester. Professor broke it down like a seasoned vet.?? He brought the real.?? And we are exempted from finals if we aced the midterms.?? Now thats righteous.?? So I got less fodder to consume and even less cud to ruminate. More time to study robots and parse cplusplus.?? Grudging early summer children.??????


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