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Social hallucinate

You might say am social swamped but am loving it.  I figure I might as well frolic in the stream before they poison the flow forever.  You better believe that time is coming.  The corporations want us happy only if they profit from that joy. They never gave a shit about us but to exploit us.  I won’t beat a dead horse here. Nothing is free.  Does not take rocket science to understand that.  In the mean time I drink the social koolaid and smile. And why not.  Social is fun. Just invent a persona and play already. Kill your persona when that time comes.   Don’t take that shit too serious. It won’t last forever.  Who cares about forever.  I am learning to kill all my paranoia.  I mean big brother will be big brother.  It will track me regardless if am on fb(am not) or some federated instance running underneath my bed on a gentoo box.  The only way to be totally bug free is to be unplugged.  You get of the grid and you stay of the grid. You go dark and play your guitar in the desert.  And they still got your social security number.  I got mad things to hide and nothing to hide.  I respect my tribe who still fight the social network freedom right.  That struggle is commendable.  But sometimes we get so angry and self righteous in that quest that hate consumes us and we forget to live.  Most importantly we need to live in our allotted time.  These are the days of our lives.  We better get to it.  I interact online with a slew of people across multiple social networks. I say hi.  I share a thing.  We connect.  Nothing is obligated.  I change my handle tomorrow. Am still me. You can’t cling to this narcissistic addiction.  It is still a consensual hallucination.  The real you is not a status update.  You don’t have to reveal everything in the stream. 


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