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I stay away

The city makes you feral.?? It's bigger than anywhere before and yet I feel claustrophobic.?? I hate summer now. It's finished and most of my resolutions are obliterated.?? I start again and defy once more.?? I need to write something profound and code something even more radical.?? Finding time is crucial.?? Tuning out the herd is essential.?? These are herd times for sure.?? I hear them in the backyard bragging about petty accomplishments.?? Makes me cringe.?? They made it to the mainland and now they found the motherlode.?? Foolish and mediocre.?? And I should belong to that??? I open my mouth and they hate me instantly.?? I got that mark of cain.?? I am belligerent.?? I threaten their mediocrity.


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