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Monkeys and Parasites

Google gotta be joking. Bezos butchered android and gets away with it. This arrogant parasite dismisses us as ravenous monkeys for web services. He disses all other android tablets except the nexus 7. I am rocking a samsung galaxy tab 2 and it’s amazing and definitely more open than a kindle fire. People like this are the true enemies of opensource. I would make him pay for using android. If ios was an open system he would have definitely chosen apple to feed off. He contributes nothing to opensource but rakes in billions off linux’s energy. Sometimes the real enemies are the ones under your skin. Too many companies using linux to power their presence but they don’t have the decency to create their apps or programs for linux. Or they hack it to death to create closed systems. I would charge all of these parasites. Make them pay to use android and linux. Just because we love using the web does not make all of us mindless automatons. These tech evangelists sicken me. They keep spewing that garbage like they know how we think or what we want. They don’t shut up. And media blogs feed their ego repeating the sound bites ad nauseam.


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