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Instagram me

The new photographic age. The age of perpetual capture. I still find it hard to plaster my mug across internets. It will get scary when we are picked out in any crowd anywhere by anyone. Hackers and geeks unite. Face masking? There’s an app for that. I never saw the need to be recognized everywhere. Celebrities bore me. Why I gotta see you more than once out of television or movies or on stage with a sweating microphone? Let your craft speak and not your fashion distress. I am not a hater but I know there are bigger things like individual privacy and the looming dystopian nightmare. I wish more movies and television show addressed this reality instead of vapid reality shows. I am salivating for more person of interest. Better not cancel it tv execs. Talking to you tv power man enslaved to share holder axe people. Gotta blame the masses though. Popularity is their oxygen and puke shows are golden. Like paranoid voters voting for laws that increase prison populations for any minor infraction. False security for real loss of freedom. It’s always the masses clueless and ridiculous and convinced of their sanity.


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