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Mind never sleeps. It goes and goes and explodes.?? Some lucky people are better at stilling it than me.?? We battle constantly.?? It is a feisty piece of shit. Never subtle.?? Always blasphemous.?? Would chill you to the bones if you entered that space.?? After reading the power of now by Eckhart tolle I got a handle on that reptilian voice.?? It's the timeless mirror.?? The impossibilities we dismiss.?? The bogey fiend that scares us shitless.?? If you become more present you realize that it is a guide out of the maze.?? Listening to that timeless ancient is a prerequisite for escape from the mundane.?? Takes practice and the world gets in the way.?? Kick this zeitgeist out of your orbit and everything is revealed mad and pure and shocking.?? Truth only scratches the surface.


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