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Came to work to an almost empty place. But the work never ends. There’s always something to be done. We finish unfinished I guess in this existence. That dude that got shoved under the 7 train last night must have ended unfinished. They say he wasn’t even aware of the woman watching him, the one that killed him. Hard way to die. But do we die easier if we are totally aware?  There are never easy answers. I think I should stop reading in 2013 and just write till am empty. I have read too many philosophers and tech news and music things and art declarations. They all pitch a dream.  They shine confident but if you ask the really hard questions they flinch and duck out of the way. I watched Asap rocky on youtube talking about how his crew are just hiphop punks, like see how they live and dress etc. But his lyrics spit pretty much money grind truth . Not punk. Not revolutionary. Actually fashion slaved to the fashion age. Saying nothing profound. I need to dump most of my music collection and just stream ambient noise. Less lyrics for more clarity.


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