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wayfarer web

I am spread across multiple social networks using psuedonyms. I would like to think that I am distinct on each one. Ultimately I feel like if you look close enough you would recognize the subtle nuances in my interactions that suggest it belongs to another entity you ran across or know online. We are unique and can not really escape our personalities. Future algorithms will recognize our patterns as easily as reading our fingerprints.  Real time will be a most precious commodity.  I love the net like any other digital addict but at the end of the day if social networking disappeared I would not tremble with withdrawal spasms. I’d dip into real time shedding my avatars and psuedonyms as I unplug from social sockets. I do social for the connections but especially for the killer ideas and convos. I am a wayfarer on these networks. I could change my path tomorrow and never pass this way again. I have done it before. 


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