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Hacker movie

Now would be a good time to reboot the original hacker movie. Bring that hacker goodness to the screen right now.  No way hollywood could get hacking culture wrong right now. All the info is out there. Leet hackers would be specialist advisors on the set.  All the techniques used in the film would definitely be validated and authentic. No more bullshit fantastical hacking using non-existent  protocols.  This movie has huge potential. We got cybercrime and anonymous and ubiquitous social networks.    Huge huge potential.  This generation needs it hacker movie like geeks need their binary.  The hardest part is writing a mad cool script to make the tech shine and to keep it real.  Imagine russian crackers run amok on the net and young hackers getting framed for social network mayhem. Imagine that. Salivating.  


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