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language of the mad

Saw something surreal on the net. A man spews madness after butchering a soldier to death on the streets of London yesterday. He hugs the limelight. He is proud of his killing.  His hands were still bloody from the hacking.  How do you pose on television after hacking a man to death like that? This is pure web narcissism driven to the extreme.  When he was finished with the sound byte he casually walked across the street like nothing happened. They didn’t even run.  There were on a movie set?  And we should still feel smug and keep talking shit on the Internets and posting vapid pics of ourselves pouting in mirrors? This is a whole new level of indifference. Like the soldier’s life was merely an action prop for their infamy.  It’s what we do now using every and anything as props for our self aggrandizement.  smfh!  


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