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Generation Lost

It is really sad to see so many young people unemployed all over the world. I don’t think world leaders are really aware of what that really means.  The youth are the leaders of tomorrow so how can they be lost already before they have even begun to make their mark?  How will they function to steer the world when their hands have been amputated by the greed of a few?  It affects us all.  No one is immune. Your high walls and barbed wire fence won’t save you.  Your offshore accounts will be worthless when the dollar dies.  Short sighted greed was the catalyst.  The nature of the beast took hold and man could not overcome himself.  Remember the scorpion riding the turtle to safety in the big river flood.  The scorpion could not overcome its nature. It just had to sting the turtle drowning them both.  You can’t stagnate the youth and expect there will be world for you in  your twilight years.  When did people get so ignorant? What were you thinking? SMFH!


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