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Feels like am chasing my tail every chance I get. Well the people in Dhaka Bangladesh surely have it worse.  17 million souls crammed in a city because climate change is real and their country is pretty much below sea level.  They might not survive the next 20 years.  I see a lot of Bangladeshi people in Brooklyn.  Couple weeks ago they had their festival close by. Lot of music. Lots of food. Lots of merry people.  In the face of adversity you keep on living.  You think about the ones left behind but you keep on living.  Fate is what it is. You might as well shed all illusions.  Things might change for the better or get too worse to wake up for in the morning.  You get older and you realize you never knew anything.  Hopefully you die with a sliver of wisdom that brought a smile to your lips.


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