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Future Rate

Today people are obsessed with how the future will rate them.  We post and tweet and instagram for ratings.  Likes are social currency.  I have heard people say that this digital generation lives in the moment.  Maybe there’s some truth to that.  Self absorbs litter the interwebz. When you are self absorbed future and past are irrelevant.  Nevertheless the relentless sharing without pause whether at the movies or concert or in a museum lends credence to the notion of fear of future cred.  It defines status updates.  There is a pressure to construct the future with artificial safe guards most of them narcissistic.  There is a fear of been absent in the next moment while ignoring this one.  Nothing gets in the way of securing their social awesomeness.  It might appear in bursts of depravity or self loathing.  It begs nonetheless for your undivided attention.  And you wait slobbering for the future to love it.

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