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Today feels like Monday.  I woke up cranky. Mondays messes with my chi.  Netflix was playing close by.  Some cop swat unit trying to save the dramatics.  I pulled the plug on that. Deviated to spotify. Installed the Linux experimental last night on ubuntu 13.04.  Seems like it works really well.  Was surprised that Spotify gave me the option to sign up with email.  Guess not everybody was having that one trick FB pony sign up option.  Well the music did the trick.  I reverted back to Sunday.  After my first green tea I will be fully restored in flesh and phantom.

Yesterday I upgraded from Ubuntu 12.04 to 13.04 by way of 12.10.  I hardly lingered in 12.10.  13.04 killed my gnome 3 desktop. Seems unity was jealous and vindictive.   And it broke other things. Lucky me I am a commandline junkie.  Everything fixed.  I can focus once again on my art and geek temptations.  There’s always lots to do.  And I am never satisfied.  





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