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Summer Lesson 2014

Seems the guns come out in the summer. NYC is feeling the sting of lead.  Memorial day brought out the beast people with itchy trigger fingers and there were stabbings too. It only got worse on the next weekend.  Something about the summer sends some people mad? The sun brings out a total different response in me.  I celebrate the birth of light and shedding artificial skin.  I can wear my tees again. Winter is always a burden for me so it’s wonderfully cathartic when I shove the coats in the corner.   Plus the light lasts real long. I try not to dwell on the violence but you can never totally ignore it.  It’s around you.  It strikes in a flash and lives are changed forever.  You pray that you don’t fall as you keep walking in your life.


3 thoughts on “Summer Lesson 2014

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