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Human besides

I cringed when I saw Neymar got hit so hard from the back and collapsed to the ground.  Now the doctor says he has a broken vertebrae thus he is gone for the rest of the worldcup. A blow indeed to Brazil. Plus their captain is out for the semi final game against Germany. Such is the nature of sport. Some people are real upset with Serena as if she’s not human.  She’s accomplished so much.  She can falter too.  For those on the sidelines living their humdrum lives I say get a grip.  It’s not easy to be out there performing even if you earning mad money.   I bet some thought at first maybe Neymar was faking it. Now we know the truth.  Human all too human is what we all are.  


One thought on “Human besides

  1. true… i said the same as well. Sometimes we have to bow out when injured and care for ourselves. Life is short, and can be long when made the wrong decision.

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