Human besides

I cringed when I saw Neymar got hit so hard from the back and collapsed to the ground.  Now the doctor says he has a broken vertebrae thus he is gone for the rest of the worldcup. A blow indeed to Brazil. Plus their captain is out for the semi final game against Germany. Such is the nature of sport. Some people are real upset with Serena as if she’s not human.  She’s accomplished so much.  She can falter too.  For those on the sidelines living their humdrum lives I say get a grip.  It’s not easy to be out there performing even if you earning mad money.   I bet some thought at first maybe Neymar was faking it. Now we know the truth.  Human all too human is what we all are.  


Windows Time

Booted into my win7 partition after a thousand days.  Debian had gotten mad slow and freaky so decided to reboot which I hardly ever do.  On a whim I ducked into the windows partition to clean and update.  Finding trojans and other baddies. Not sure how that got there.  CCleaner found almost a gig of flotsam. Not sure how that got there. Windows is quirky man.  It looks foreign to me.  At least I have another desktop to work with while this scanning stumbles on.   

Summer Lesson 2014

Seems the guns come out in the summer. NYC is feeling the sting of lead.  Memorial day brought out the beast people with itchy trigger fingers and there were stabbings too. It only got worse on the next weekend.  Something about the summer sends some people mad? The sun brings out a total different response in me.  I celebrate the birth of light and shedding artificial skin.  I can wear my tees again. Winter is always a burden for me so it’s wonderfully cathartic when I shove the coats in the corner.   Plus the light lasts real long. I try not to dwell on the violence but you can never totally ignore it.  It’s around you.  It strikes in a flash and lives are changed forever.  You pray that you don’t fall as you keep walking in your life.

Life and Film

Just finished watching the yards with Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix They look so young.  It’s been 14 years since that film came out.  Like a lifetime ago. It’s a good film though. I hardly watch films more than five years old now plus there’s no tech in it. I am a sucker for tech in films man. But am happy I caught this one. Netflix is pretty neat.  You get to see movies you have no clue about.  You get to see actors before they made it large.  Film was kinda sad though especially when Charlize died.  Life is always gettting broken.  Things always get twisted.  Happiness just teases us is all.  It is the joker in the corner of the room.  It knows it’s gonna have the last laugh.  And there’s nothing you can do about it.  Sometimes you make it back to joy but most times you sink into despair never to recover that spark that almost consumed you. 


Surrounded by machines. Almost every moment am in the matrix.  Even when am asleep which is small these days the machines go on connected to the digital mothership.  The data stream is infinite. Digital existence with or without me.  I feel a kinship with the machines. I have entered that new space most likely never to turn back to the reality of practicality.  Practical is the plague.  

I think therefore I will be

Did the laundry bit today.  Just chilled with my headphones and watched the flow of summer citizens.  It gets boring in laundromats.  You always need entertainment or at least distractions.  Some Indian people were talking real rapid next to me.  Should have turned on a translation app.  They looked like grans and grand kid though. Is all good though NYC melting cauldron people always saying.  I guess I was reflective about how my life is spilling different. My thoughts are bipolar.  Proves am truly alive.  Always a mixture of art and geek.  Duality is not a curse .


Complicated is a killer.  Untethered is priceless.  At least connect only to your tribe.  People graze on Facebook searching for the ones they went to school with.  Pretty futile. They are not your tribe anymore.  School was obligatory.  You were forced to be social.  For the all the grown ones searching for that lost time it is an exercise in sadness.  Interests have changed.  We are different creatures in different phases of our lives. Why slide back down into the black hole of unformed impressionism?  Even if I was on Facebook I would have stayed hidden from the playground and huddle with my new tribe as we connect in our brave new world.