learning like forever and hustling

Started with photoshop again. Lots of design gigs on the net and in real time and my windows partition is stuffed with a slew of creative applications.  So am logging into windows again to get my creative ninja kicking. Linux is seething red with anger. But it’s the paper hustle. Need that scrilla for things to fall into place, for the puzzles to fit.  So far I have remembered a lot about the software. Just need to flex my imagination to bring out unique creations. Watching video tutorials makes it so much easier. Pause and rewind when I need to parse something a little deeper. Youtube is indispensable for learning. These days I use video for all my learning needs from nodejs to data structures.  Video worth more than a million words coming to a learning center near you. Keep grabbing knowledge with your grubby mindset.



School opened again with the proverbial freshmen noise. They will cool down soon enough when college demands what it always does. I am stoked to start grinding again like a true hustler.  Getting good grades is a priority.  Gaining wisdom and tolerance of other peoples is priceless.  My hustle takes me across three boroughs almost everyday. I got a weekend class too.  It worked out that way. I adjust my lens to capture the new scenes.  NYC is a hustle landscape.  Gotta be the best landscraper.  If the right money fell from the right tree tomorrow… 

hustle and pleasure

I dropped into summer  mode with a new work ethic tackling the things I need to get done from the first day. I mix the pleasure with the hustle and rest when I have to.  Today memorial day I might do less of the first.  I better get a bbq today but the weather is dreary, raining, it don’t give a f about our plans.   Plan all you want humans but the weather dictates the mood.  So I have been revisting all the subjects I got my degree in.  Gotta revisit them to tighten my skillset. I have started on javascript. Seems I have forgotten a lot.  Comes with the hustle of NYC. Can do only so much and you gotta sleep.  My plate is full this summer.  Buying the HD camera next week to begin shooting our first short documentary. I feel like that this is the ignition trigger. We need to get our lens dirty.    


the reading bug has bitten me once more. my hands are shaking for cyberpunk literature got a few at the brooklyn library. finished circumference of darkness. twas a wicked cyber fest. think am a just indulge in cyberpunk for awhile. gots to hustle my own books too. got a favorable response from a bookstore but the owner said that poetry hardly sells so i know what i am up against. nevertheless new york is the place for hustle. I aint got illusions man. my art is alive like the quickening subway.
I was rooting for the packers. they were not hungry enough. my brother was ecstatic. he went crazy. is all good. is just a game. check out mars volta new vid.