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Monsters Among Us

Yesterday humanity showed its worst face. The specter of petty little men fighting petty little wars to carve out their petty little piece of the world.  Nationalism is the disease that is destroying the world. People even resort to ethnic cleansing to achieve their dream nightmare of confused autonomy.  They keep forgetting that we are all connected. The Malaysian airlines was connected to Ukraine in some way. It had to fly over Ukrainian airspace to get to it’s destination. Is that not a connection? We are not isolated in the world.  We are not from another planet. And even if we were we are still part of the wider universe.  But they were not thinking of that. All they wanted to do was cause a lot of chaos and death and they did. Now everyone involved in this conflict are all denying that they did the crime. The cowards are blaming each other. So who did it then? Aliens? Phantoms? Who? Meanwhile families of the lost are left to mourn in stunned disbelief of what happened to their love ones. I hope you feel like real big men by shooting down a commercial airliner full of people who were just trying to get to their next destination. 


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