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reflective in the fading light

I am mostly addicted to tech and art things. The urgent need to create is always there like an itch that usually bleeds when scratched.  Use to play football(soccer) and ping pong and basketball long time ago. Quite enjoyed those then I quit for nietzsche. Never looked back. Might have missed civility with my peers. Who knows? Normal always scared me. Sports scared me. Running and puffing for the love of the crowd never attracted me. I started reading poetry in public and they never understood what the hell I was spitting.  It wasn’t slam. More like beat. More like languid rolling off my tongue.  Loved the silence. How they waited for me to finish and the gasping at my enigma. I write harder now. Nothing long. Nothing wavy. Am strictly hard now.  Sparse and hard but still enigmatic. Mystery is never for sale. Soul is not for sale. Flesh takes care of that.


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