August Summer

August feels like the best part of summer. Everybody’s out in the dog days. All the pipes on the streets in my hood spraying water. Kids love this freedom especially in the evenings. As usual I come out to write after baking for most of the day. I am inspired and giddy. Summer is my best time. Haven’t hit the beach yet. But I gotta. Been awhile since I drifted to the salty.  Might be going with fam soon enough. Summer’s always better with family.



Hung out with family for good times. Place was crowded. Waited 45 minutes to get a spot.

Eating was delicious. Worth the wait. NYC people love to feast out. That time to be always out is almost here. I crave that sunblest.  One tshirt jeans tech and the sun. Nothing compares. Need spare batteries though for the smartphones.  The Web follows wherever we roam.

Summers end

Summer blew by me. I felt the rush, smelled the sun and felt alive. I haven’t stepped in the ocean yet though I played in the sand. Will see if I break the spell this time. Three years since I dropped here in NYC. Three years since I ducked under the ocean.  Social media takes up my time but that is already getting stale.  And maybe that’s a good thing. Classes begin next week. Must pull my face out of the social cesspool. Am I having fun there? Sure.  Does it matter? Not really. We are all wallowing in the ether. But you gotta participate. Here’s a chance to speak your vision. Scream, rant, curse, cajole, blind, whatever. Do something, make a wave. Catch a surf before the sand never lets up.  

Summer 2011

Better be a good summer. I want to soak it all in after all the gloom and icy things of winter’s past.  I want to ride the sun to the edge of midnight and hope the moon understands.  Well am a dreamer fiend sometimes.  and sometimes dreams come true.  yesterday a student’s dream was surely derailed. he got caught cheating on the finals. man he didn’t know what to do.  I felt real bad for him.  I think they gonna discipline him and his record might be stained forever. Funny thing though is that there’s no way to cheat in this class. It is a programming class not regurgitating facts class.  He messed up big time man.  It definitely ruined the last day of that class for me. I hope he bounces back and recognizes that cheating basically sucks. Otherwise I am in #netflix mode.  My indie film mojo has arisen.  Hit the play button, pop the corn, and flip back to good things. Hope the summer brings you good things.


I dream in Android, tablets that is and when I wake there’s only Chinese knockoffs that offer a weak alternative with version 1.6 and general sluggish behavior. So I ask like many other lusting tech heads where are the beautiful powerful Android tablets promised? The more prominent manufacturers are playing a waiting game it seems. They want to out do the Ipad in every aspect I reckon. They want to be the ones that dig it’s grave and am all for that but come on tech houses you gotta do something now. The dog days of summer are upon us. We need that sweet tech in our eyes and hands right now opensource style. What do you say? We’ll get it next week before we are older and the desire is spent?


got frustrated in design class then i just chilled and completed the tasks at hand. saw a different shape when i was done. this is the objective of this course i reckon. to find something new in every design we conjure. we learn a new thing everyday but how much of it is life changing or even exciting? the dull seems to be the norm. we look forward to boring static each and every day. i struggle to stay fresh every chance i get. sometimes i just struggle to speak. some struggle to breathe. how’s that for a boring life? well i got my kicks from the sun earlier. the sun was flashing hot and sweet in my face while i rode the bus and then the train. God swirled in my thoughts. Summer and rebirth pulled me close. I felt alive. plus the music was in my ears. stuck on random it bubbled over. random playing music is divine. i want to chase the sun tomorrow wherever it burns…